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We had the good fortune to welcome Eric Benson as our keynote speaker in November for our final event of 2014 for Smoky Mountain HDI. Eric is a professional speaker who has crafted a comprehensive program designed to address creating an interactive learning environment to accelerate growth and development on an individual level.

Eric presented his “Me First!” concept at our November 2014 chapter event, and addressed that vital area that we all neglect – taking care of our emotional and mental health in the work arena so that we can maintain a healthier balance in all aspects of our lives. Speaking points that strongly resonated with our audience were the truths that nothing outside of each of us can inflict stress; that we choose our reactions, our responses and our words and thus, we create our immediate environment. These can oftentimes be very touchy, sensitive topics to address. Eric’s presentation was done is such a friendly, logical and non-confrontational manner that we witnessed some of the best, most enthusiastic audience engagement and participation we have seen at our events this year.  Eric’s goal is to help you live a life you love, and he accomplishes this goal by building on a his strong business foundation and applying his life experiences and observations in a unique, dynamic mix.

What experience does Eric bring to the table as a professional speaker?

  • Ten years in the Air Force, half of which was spent in Management Engineering with a hybrid focus on organizational development and industrial engineering , studying workflow, enhancing productivity and building equations to determine staffing levels.
  • In 1992, Eric started a business to help people develop Result-Oriented Relationships so they could be more successful in their Team Building & Customer Satisfaction efforts. As a Professional Speaker, Seminar Leader, Workshop Facilitator, and One-on-One Coach, Eric has worked with his clients to design programs that help create Relationships between Team Members and with Customers that are capable of producing the desired Results.
  • Eric’s formal educational includes a B.S. in Industrial Technology, an A.A.S. in Personnel Administration, and coursework in Leadership and Communication as well as Productivity Enhancement & Measurement Techniques. His professional development continues through his affiliation with the American Society for Training & Development, speakers’ associations, and his personal studies into the psychology of human potential.

After years of efforts focused on the organizational development side of the work environment, Eric has now crafted his business model to address everything about the individual.

Eric notes that, “Many organizations would like to build a team, but they attempt to do so with individuals that are in a weakened state from stress, emotional burnout, etc., so it’s a process of clearing that individual’s mind so they can become a strong contributor to their business team. Stress management, emotional intelligence, identifying emotional triggers, finding ways to unwind those struggles and gain more clarity and control over their lives are the skills we focus on. We ask people to stop worrying so much about personal stuff and look at how they can benefit the world.”

Eric has created a multi-layered teaching and presentation system that provides three categories for the client to choose from.  This multi-pronged approach offers a wide range of disciplines, exercises and best practices to provide both groups and individuals with tools and life skills that benefit their daily business and personal lives.  We all want to enjoy the work we do, and the people with whom we work each day.  Eric’s concepts cut through the tangle of stress, communication snafus, and hectic daily pace, and address the key issues that we all tend to struggle with.

Smoky Mountain HDI’s President offered his impression of Eric’s keynote speech for our November 2014 chapter event:

“Eric’s presentation did the unexpected – it had people laughing and enjoying a teachable moment! Touchy-feelie can get sideways and awkward – this presentation has practical application for the workforce and translates to the real world.  I went to work the next day wanting to share with co-workers who were unable to attend what a solid, enjoyable, and valuable experience they missed in Eric’s presentation.” – Rob Norris

Eric Benson is on our list to invite back as a keynote speaker for our 2015 chapter event calendar.  We look forward to getting to know him better and having the opportunity to experience more of his body of work!

Are you interested in contacting Eric Benson for keynote speaker opportunities?  Eric can be reached at the following:

  • Email Eric at
  • Eric’s business phone number of 865-670-1944
  • Find Eric on LinkedIn:
  • Eric’s website of


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